Sugar Boat

The Sugar Boat is a renowned landmark in the Helensburgh area which was sunk and semi-submerged along with its sweet cargo en route to a nearby refinery. This hulking wreck became part of the local landscape and the inspiration for an exciting new bar and bistro in the area.

Our team created a brand which sets the tone for this premium, modern but accessible venue owned by Will Smith, previously of Michelin-starred Wild Honey and Artemis.




Sugar Boat - Helensburgh
We sought to create something that the local community could feel part of, a brand with real depth and multiple elements which could be applied across the various diverse parts of the operation. Essential to this project was conveying both quality and informality to showcase a venue which seeks to strike exactly that balance.
Sugar Boat - Helensburgh

We thoroughly enjoyed creating the identity and rolling that out into menus, rustic signage, photography and a clean, slick website to bring Sugar Boat to life.


Photography: Saved By Robots
Interior Design: Surface ID

Sugar Boat - Helensburgh

AA Scottish Restaurant of the Year 2020

Sugar Boat - Helensburgh
Sugar Boat - Helensburgh