Changing the way the world works is the ambitious goal of AnywhereWorks. A company with a mission, a purpose and the passion to make it happen. In a truly collaborative project, we worked with the AW team to create an identity that communicated the fresh, dynamic and pioneering spirit of the brand.

Central to the AnywhereWorks mission is to remind the world that ‘Work is what you do, not where you do it’ and they do this through collaborative software, apps and the exciting, stylish new hubs in which businesses can engage in fractional office use… taking what they need, when they need it.




Strong, bold, contemporary typography and buzz phrases were developed to help put the message front and centre, along with a minimal colour palette centred around a Carl Sagan-esque Blue Dot (google it and prepare to see the world anew), which alludes to the environmental benefits of working Anywhere and the brand’s commitment to leaving the world a better place for future generations to enjoy.

To this we further collaborated on shaping a positive, optimistic and people-focused identity, (Working Anywhere means freeing teams from the restrictions of dull, lifeless offices and opening up employment opportunities to marginalised demographics) with fresh, popping imagery that ties together happy people and a planet that prospers.

With bases in Portland, Chennai and now Edinburgh, AnywhereWorks is set to take its message across the globe, improving working lives, growing businesses, all whilst reducing environmental impact and committing wholeheartedly to reforestation projects. We look forward to being a part of the ride!

Interior Photography: Alix McIntosh
Project Management & Interiors: Adeline Graham

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