After 18 months of lockdowns, partial openings and restricted capacities the hospitality sector faced a new challenge… staffing. For a variety of reasons, there is a recruitment crisis in the hospitality and one that our friend and marketing guru Mark ‘Supersonic’ McCulloch wanted to tackle head on.

In a classic ‘fast & furious’ effort, with no time to lose, we created the umbrella brand ‘Hospitality Rising’ for Mark to use as his call-to-arms to inspire industry leaders to join forces and create a game-changing, national recruitment campaign that will highlight best practices and shine a light on the careers available in the hospitality sector. To get the concept off the ground in double quick time, our work included naming, logo and visual identity development, copywriting, animated social assets as well as a simple splash page to help build the database.

Now with an executive board of major industry players in place, and brands like Hawksmoor, Loungers, Pizza Pilgrims and Buzzworks (to name just a few) collaborating to raise the funds that will make the campaign a reality, Hospitality Rising has become an emerging voice with an inspiring message in challenging times.