Stay hydrated! But pass on plastic…

With the country basking in the Summer sun and with the promise of the hottest day of the year in the UK (when we say UK, we really mean in London where the mercury is due to hit a whopping 35 degrees and by chance where we are for client meetings today), water is something of a hot topic (sorry).

For many, choosing the right bottled water is a bigger decision than most people might realise. Staying hydrated, looking cool and getting a brand of water that ticks your environmentally-friendly boxes can be tricky, even in these post-Blue Planet times where folk are ditching plastic faster than people are deleting their Facebook accounts.  So to save you from another bottle of Evian, we’ve pulled together a list of the best and most forward-thinking water brands hydrating your bodies and minds this sunny afternoon.



Claiming to be part of the pure water evolution (yes it’s a thing), Aquapax might not have the catchiest name , BUT the environment, sustainability and quality is at its thirst quenching heart. “Plastic … Is Passe” and they’ve been ahead of the curve for this with branding that really shouts heritage and nods to the classic style San Pellegrino art work. Despite sounding a bit like a superhero who never quite made the final cut, Aquapax communicates an authentic, sustainable, ethical and refreshing vibe.

CanO Water

Rarely use the term genius but “Don’t bottle it” could be  contender for Top 10 straplines of all time! With plastic being such a hot topic, these three friends started this business after a trip to a remote island (of course, where else) and the result is pretty slick. When your product is water, and all your competitors double down on letting the consumer see the product on the packaging, it must have been really tempting to imitate water in the design. Instead the design is really clean, bold and simple…which tells you all you need to know about the product. Pure Insta-fodder too!

We do love a good stat. Those in the know claim that, if you recycle aluminum it’s very likely to be back on the shelf as a new product within 6 weeks of your blue bin day! To quote the late, great Paul Daniels: ‘That’s Magic’.


DA-SH Water

Whilst not purely water DA-SH had to make the list for us as we love the branding and the product. Re inventing water with infused fruit flavours is nothing new but as the world of adult soft drinks, healthy soft drinks and plane old water collide, we think this hits the spot and you can see from its huge popularity around the UK… so do the general public.



Stay Hydrated and thanks for reading.


Team Robots