Scottish Youth Theatre is a fantastic organisation which engages with young people across Scotland, helping to introduce them to the world of theatre. From informal school holiday classes, through to the prestigious National Ensemble cast, their mission is ’to unlock the creative energies of young people in Scotland through theatre’.




With a new top team and a refreshed sense of purpose, SYT were re-energising the organisation and sought a fresh new brand identity to assist and compliment this. We worked closely with them to understand their values and ethos and really honed in on the impact that attending SYT courses has on the participants; young people don’t simply learn how to act… they are inspired, gain confidence, grow as people and build relationships that will last long after the courses end.

We have endeavoured to create a really vibrant identity with a sense of energy and dynamism which also acknowledges the unique character of each SYT participant and reflects their own personal growth through the organisation. From the fluid, morphing brand icon to the unique, bespoke typography and lively, slick colour palette, we hope we’ve captured these fundamental elements and given the team an identity they can be really proud of.

From the moment the Robots were on board, we felt we made the right decision and the response to the rebrand has been 100% positive. They were enthusiastic, approachable and not at all precious. The benefits of Saved by Robots are: they are very creative AND understand the practicalities of how design needs to work in the real world, they’re really enthusiastic and so helpful, they also turn around work quickly with attention to detail.


Our first national arts organisation project, this was a throughly enjoyable process which challenged us and demanded we really understand the brief, the client’s brand values and their hopes for the future.

All involved are buzzing with the result and look forward to seeing it rolled out further!