SO l.A.

There’s a magic about Los Angeles. All moody sunsets, electric atmosphere and endless possibility. Award-winning restaurateurs Rusk & Rusk were bitten by the bug and inspired to create So L.A., a California-inspired restaurant, bar and events space that we were delighted to be on board with.

Key to the success of this project was capturing the magic of L.A. and delivering a brand that was premium, cutting-edge and stylish but also energetic, approachable and real. We wanted the Malibu surf and a touch of Tinseltown, but also a whiff of dive bar grit and the California underbelly.




The iconic sunsets were our inspiration and the logo captures the attention by being an unusual, but hugely stylish, combination of two serif typefaces which have the effect of being both classic and subtly retro, but also contemporary and bold. This reflects also the amazing food offer, which celebrates diverse flavour combinations and exciting presentations, but never at the expense of genuine quality and provenance.


Subtle noise textures and old school polaroid photo elements give the brand a gentle retro nod (think 80s glamour and good times) and tone of voice is playful and naughty, whilst menus are presented as clean, crisp and unfussy to allow dishes themselves to take centre stage. We had a lot of fun helping to create a little slice of L.A. and we thoroughly recommend you check the venue out.

Photography: Reuben Paris
Interior Design: Mosaic Ad