The Irish pub is an international staple, visible in cities across the globe and a reflection of the universal appeal of good craic, hearty hospitality and a crackin’ pint of Guinness.

We put our own spin on the theme with McSorley’s, an Edinburgh bar on which we bestowed an ‘Irish Heart, Scottish Soul’ to give the venue a slightly more Celtic feel that embraced it’s location and owners. This dual identity was neatly captured in the striking Shamrock / Thistle brand icon and is further developed through fresh, contemporary colours and strong typography, engaging copy help to convey a joyous, free-wheeling spirit.





Looking to capture a mix of students, sports fans, tourists and good-time-Charlies from across the board, the brand has been created to be warm, friendly and modern, credible evolution of the oft-seen Irish bar template. One which embraces nostalgic elements but has a foot firmly in an exciting, dynamic future.

We built this too: 

Photography: Iain Robinson
Interior Design: RedHouse Design