Deliciously more-ish, Liquid Oats is a vanilla & honeycomb flavoured liqueur made from oats and Speyside malt whisky. Made with all-natural ingredients and with a velvety smooth sweetness, our client wanted something clean and premium but with a modern vibe, so we set about blending punchy, playful typography with super clean bottle design and a pop of colour in the form of a wax seal which drips pleasingly down the sides and contrasts with the minimal clean vibe of the bottle itself.




We leaned into the Scottish heritage with flowing design elements (whisky is after all ‘Uisge Beatha’… The Water of Life) and a tagline in THA BEATHA MILIS (THE SWEET LIFE) that is used in both it’s English and Gaelic form to position the product as part of modern Scotland.. quality, fun and best enjoyed in the company of good friends.

Photography: David Monaghan