Brought to you by our friends at Bread Meats Bread, the award-winning and much-loved independent Scottish burger brand, Leopardo is a fun, fresh and family-friendly pizza joint named after the ‘leopard spots’ that appear on Neapolitan style pizzas crusts when cooked at super high temperatures. Built on the same principles as BMB (start with great ingredients, local suppliers and then have some fun), we brought this project to life by blending bold colours and playful, loose illustrations with eye-catching typography, clean layouts and snappy, memorable copy.




To communicate Leopardo’s focus on great produce, ‘It has to be San Marzano!’ became our key tagline and ‘From Naples with love’ also emerged as a key piece of copy to position the brand as fun, approachable and passionate Neo-Neapolitan (inspired by Neapolitan pizza but limited to the same strict rules) venue.

Check out the website here: leopardopizza.com

Interior Design: Arka Design Studio
Photography: Carlo Paloni