Vernon House

Primrose Hill is a neighbourhood teeming with character and history. From the William Blake inscription, “I have conversed with the spiritual sun, I saw him on Primrose Hill”, to notable residents such as Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes and, more recently, the celebrity set of Kate Moss, Noel Gallagher et al, ‘The Hill’ has long charmed creatives with its vibrant spirit. Vernon House is a tastefully restored heritage building and collection of private studios, which is proud to call this neighbourhood home and which allows guests to enjoy a refined, local experience during an extended stay in London.

We collaborated with our friends at London-based The Rebel Agency to create something memorable and worthy of this beautiful building and famous postcode. The visual identity is founded on strong, contrasting typography which evokes both a bold, contemporary confidence and a softer, welcoming feel, which reflects the distinctly independent locale. This, along with a minimal, refined composition style and a subtle pastel-based colour palette, inspired by nearby houses, sets the scene for sharp interior photography to really sell the space.

A relaxed, friendly confidence runs through all collateral, aided by an informal and engaging tone of voice built on key tagline such as ‘Your Home On The Hill’ and ’Live Like A Local’. The core brochure, printed on premium G.F. Smith stock, has an editorial, lifestyle feel and the clean, slick, uncluttered website champions both ‘The House’ and ‘The Hill’, with individual profiles for local shops further rooting the brand in its local context.

A final, charming USP for the project came in the form of a bespoke illustration of Primrose Hill itself, which celebrates the local independent businesses that give the area its undoubted charm. We commissioned London artist Leonie Wharton to create this piece, which now sits proudly in the hallway of the property, welcoming every guest and allowing them a snapshot of the wonderful postcode they can now, temporarily, call home.

We built this too:

Photography: Richard Gooding