The Dam

Frankly my dear, I’m off to The Dam.

Rock anthems, neon lights, hard liquor and hard luck stories. All things you’ll have come across if you’ve ever skulked around a classic dive bar. The Amsterdam bar emerged from a client’s love of the gritty-but-fun, no-frills bars that have a thousand stories to tell and we whipped up a brand identity to help make it come to life.

For this bar in Glasgow’s Merchant City, we married typography inspired by hand-painted lettering with contemporary and minimal menu layouts for a modern twist on the classic dive bar vibe. Throw in some eye-catching colours, inspired by the red neon hue of Amsterdam at night, and a good dose of copy that plays on 80s rock’n’roll (Van Halen bun anyone? Roxy Music beer mat?) and… hey presto, we’ve got a hot new haunt to enjoy.

As well as DJs in the bar, the venue has a basement for high energy gigs, events and parties but, unlike your old school dive, you can actually grab some ‘dam tasty food from a kitchen that specialises in full on flavour bombs. You might not want to share them with your local Weight Watchers class though. Naughty but nice.

We built this too: