East Coast

As venues pass to new generations, so new ideas take hold. The Crolla family have owned and operated a classic Scottish / Italian ‘Chippy’ in the historic town of Musselburgh for over 40 years.

East Coast is the passionate vision of Carlo and Katia Crolla and we were delighted to help them realise their dream of evolving the family business into an exciting new chapter, with a branding project that encompassed the takeaway business but also incorporated a new adjoining premium, neighbourhood restaurant.

The challenge was to create a cool, slick brand which balanced both the takeaway and dining elements of this dynamic new venue. The crisp, marine-inspired colour-palette and seafaring brand elements help us do just that, along with brand copy and content that celebrates the proud family heritage and community roots. Fresh, clean and ready for service!

We built this too: eastcoastrestaurant.co.uk

Photography: Thyme Photography
Interior Design: Arka Design Studio

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