Hospitality & Beyond: Branding Highlights 2017

As 2017 heads into the home straight, we’re reflecting on twelve months of great design, engaging work and lots (and lots) of coffee. Here are our branding highlights, in a year in which where we continued to make a mark on the hospitality scene but still found time to move into a fab new studio space, take our brand game down under to Brisbane for a gourmet Mac & Cheese gig… and breathe fresh life into a national arts organisation too.


The Sugar Boat is a renowned landmark in the Helensburgh area, which was sunk and semi-submerged along with its sweet cargo en route to a nearby refinery. This hulking wreck became part of the local landscape and the inspiration for an incredibly exciting new bar and bistro.

Our team created a brand which sets the tone for this premium, modern but accessible venue owned by Will Smith, previously of Michelin-starred Wild Honey and Artemis.

We sought to create something that the local community could feel part of, a brand with real depth and multiple elements which could be applied across the various diverse parts of the operation. Essential to this project was conveying both quality and informality to showcase a venue which seeks to strike exactly that balance.

The venue is, quite rightly, garnering smash hit reviews right from across the foodie spectrum (The Herald, The Telegraph and The Scotsman to name but a few), whilst also going straight into the Good Food Guide. a well deserve accolade for a great team and a project we thoroughly enjoyed (literally) getting our teeth into!


Turn a tired old stuffy restaurant into a buzzing, cool casual dining brand. That was the brief that piqued our interest for this super fun project and resulted in the vibrant Dixie Chick, a funky fried chicken joint in Glasgow’s famous Ashton Lane.

Our client wanted to create something that was rooted in quality but didn’t take itself too seriously; the brand had to be youthful, eye-catching and able to speak to multiple demographics, including the local student population. We helped define this strategy and then execute the name, brand identity, tone of voice and all assets, including signage and externals. We embraced bold, vibrant colours, strong typography and really punchy (and occasionally pun-tastic) copy to ensure the venue landed with a bang and captured the imagination.


Scottish Youth Theatre is a fantastic organisation which engages with young people across Scotland, helping to introduce them to the world of theatre. From informal school holiday classes, through to the prestigious National Ensemble cast, their mission is ’to unlock the creative energies of young people in Scotland through theatre’.

With a new top team and a refreshed sense of purpose, SYT were re-energising the organisation and sought a fresh new brand identity to assist and compliment this. We worked closely with them to understand their values and ethos and really honed in on the impact that attending SYT courses has on the participants; young people don’t simply learn how to act.. they are inspired, gain confidence, grow as people and build relationships that will last long after the courses end.

We endeavoured to create a really vibrant identity with a sense of energy and dynamism which also acknowledges the unique character of each SYT participant and reflects their own personal growth through the organisation. From the fluid, morphing brand icon to the unique, bespoke typography and lively, slick colour palette, we hope we’ve captured these fundamental elements and given the team an identity they can be really proud of.

Our first national arts organisation project, this was a throughly enjoyable process and one which has met with universally positive feedback from all stakeholders on the client side.


Black Ivy is in the process of taking Edinburgh by storm and is bringing its message of Local Luxury For All to a hugely receptive and wide-eyed public. We immersed ourselves in this project and are delighted to see how well it’s doing.

Our client wanted to take inspiration from world class, market leading venues to create a luxury neighbourhood bar and hotel with the local community at its heart. We immediately clicked and got to the heart of the brand, creating the visual identity, the brand story, sharp website and the core ethos of Local Luxury For All which would run though the venue like a stick of Blackpool rock.

We sculpted the brand to feel luxurious and stylish, yet approachable… classic and iconic, yet freshly modern. Everything about this project had to be premium but grounded, able to both wow and comfort in almost equal measures. We embraced this challenge, creating a friendly, cool tone of voice which engaged with customers and encouraged a grounded informality… contrasting nicely with the bold confidence of the brand icon and slick surrounding material.

Black Ivy’s adventure, much like our own, is just getting started and 2018 promises to be an exciting ride for both as The Robots continue to go global with international hotel brands, whilst keeping it real with homegrown, passionate entrepreneurs.

If you’d like to call on Saved By Robots to help your branding dreams come true, then just reach out!